Oregon Opportunities

Remote Access

Note: Remote access is only supported for Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP.
Before install make sure you have a current anti-virus product
(see reminders).

vpn setup instructions:
  1. Click on the button below to begin the download.

    Install VPN Client

  2. Click Run.


  3. Click Yes when asked whether you want to install the Oregon Opportunities VPN Client.


  4. If you want to be able to use the Oregon Opportunities VPN for more than one agent or username click All users, otherwise click My use only. It is suggested for your convenience you add a shortcut on the desktop box as well, then click OK


That's it!



usage instructions:
  1. Use the shortcut created on the Desktop when you need to connect.

  2. Enter your Oregon Opportunities Network username and password, and click Connect.


  3. To connect to the J: and S: drive letters, enter your Oregon Opportunities Network username again, and click OK.

NOTE: To connect to your user drive, you will need the .net framework from Microsoft. Most users will already have this, however if the Connect to Network Drive box does not appear you may obtain the .net framework as part of WindowsUpdate, or it can be downloaded directly here.


When you are finished with your session, disconnect using the shortcut created on the Desktop or the network icon in the tool tray.



vpn reminders:
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